Chadrick S. Henderson Law is a law firm committed to providing each client with personalized service. We can assure this quality because we are a general practice firm. Thus, we are different from the vast majority of legal providers here in Houston. Few others can match the Chadrick S. Henderson Law commitment to meeting the needs of each individual case.

Value of a General Practice Firm

As a general practice firm, Chadrick S. Henderson Law, based in Houston, TX and serving the State of Texas , ready to handle all manner of cases. We have experience in criminal law, family, personal injury law and civil law. Clients will find few other firms who work in so many various areas of the law. This means that once a client retains Chadrick S. Henderson Law, they may never need any outside legal assistance. They can come to us with almost any of their legal concerns.

Based in Houston, much of our casework does deal with criminal law. Now, that does not mean our clients are bad people; instead, we have found that quite often overzealous law enforcement techniques have swept good Texans into the criminal justice system. These people need assistance to prove their innocence, as provided by our Constitution.

Criminal Law

Chadrick S. Henderson Law is here to help you or a loved one facing criminal charges avoid a terrible fate. Texas is one of the largest incarcerators in the nation. Trust us, the prisons and jails here are nowhere anyone wants to be.

Civil Cases

We also handle civil cases, especially family law, such as divorce, and personal injury law, such as automobile accidents. Civil cases differ from criminal cases in that there is a lower burden of proof required to win.Chadrick S. Henderson Law is skilled at both demonstrating and refuting this evidence.

Contact us here at Chadrick S. Henderson Law, based in Houston, TX and serving the State of Texas, if you or a loved one needs general legal advice. Our team is strictly professional and provides the attention to detail only found at general practice firms. Do not become just another file number on the desk of some specialty firm. We understand your case is unique and will treat it as such.