Personal Injury

Accidents happen when we least expect them. Here in Texas, many victims cannot stand to miss time from work. Yet, that is exactly what happens. They get hurt, cannot work and then the bills start to mount. Some suffer bankruptcy as a result.

Imagine that, someone causes you to get hurt, they walk away, while you wind up financially insolvent. Trust us, it happens. At Chadrick S. Henderson Law, we fight to prevent hard working Texans from losing their property because of the negligence of another.

Personal Injury

What exactly is negligence?

We prove negligence in order to demonstrate that someone else caused your injuries. For example, a restaurant worker who left a water spill on the floor could be negligent. If you slip, fall and hurt your head, the restaurant could be held liable for the harm done.

What kind of damage awards do plaintiffs receive?

In Texas, it is usually the case that we go after compensatory damages first. These financial awards seek to make our clients whole again. We document all they have spent and have lost because of the negligence of the other party.

Who should I talk to after a road accident?

It is important for you to contact us at Chadrick S. Henderson Law after a traffic collision. Talking to the other driver can lead to serious problems.

Quite often, accident victims get into lengthy discussions about what happened. It seems harmless; yet, when they go to court or file a claim for damages, that supposed friendly motorist, who caused the accident, suddenly recalls them having “confessed” to being at blame. We help clients to know just when someone is leading them into making such false statements.

Whether you have been hurt in a vehicle collision, slip and fall, medical malpractice or other accident, contact Chadrick S. Henderson Law, based in Houston, TX and serving the State of Texas. We protect your rights, property and livelihood.