Family Law

Chadrick S. Henderson Law understands that family court is a stressful ordeal. We help walk our clients through the process to make it as less onerous as possible. In the end, we want everyone to talk away from the proceedings free of animosity.

Texas has a family-oriented culture. Despite the problems leading you to family court, we believe that society benefits when people work out their situations and break amicably. Nevertheless, all our clients can expect zealous representation of their interests at all times. We never waver in the face of opposition.

Family Law

Do you handle divorces?

Yes, one of our main family law areas is divorce cases. We can provide assistance from the initial split to the reallocation of assets.

What happens to my financial assets during a divorce?

Depending on the jurisdiction, a court could impose a financial restraining order to prevent one spouse from hiding money. This is why we strongly recommend coming in to discuss a split as soon as possible.

In general, judges would rather each spouse and their lawyer work out financial arrangements so everyone can take care of expenses during the divorce proceedings.

Are all divorces adversarial?

Not necessarily. The nature of the American legal system is adversarial. However, in this era, lawyers often serve as mediators during divorce proceedings.

Chadrick S. Henderson Law can help you work out an equitable solution to a marriage dissolution. Everyone can leave with what they rightfully deserve.

How do courts decide how to award child custody?

Courts use both rigid formulas and personal observations to decide which parent will receive custody of the children. We work with clients so they know how to present themselves in the most positive, honest light.

If you have a family court problem that needs resolving, contact us at Chadrick S. Henderson Law, based in Houston, TX and serving the State of Texas. We will ensure that you receive compassionate and personalized service.