Criminal Law

Chadrick S. Henderson Law, based in Houston, TX and serving the State of Texas, is a general practice firm that handles a large percentage of criminal cases. We are the firm you should come to when you want personalized service and attention to detail. Our legal team has the experience necessary to defend you against all manner of unfair charges. We are here for every client from arrest until the case is closed. Chadrick S. Henderson Law is relentless in getting justice for clients.

Criminal Law

Do I need a lawyer at preliminary hearings?

Contrary to popular belief no stage in the criminal process is non-adversarial. At every moment, the police and prosecution are searching for clues to build their case. Never allow them to make you think that your comments are off the record. Instead, they are talking to you to find something potentially damaging to bring up in trial.

Yes, it is always best to have experienced legal representation at every stage of the criminal process.

Is a conviction the end of the road?

Of course, a client can always appeal a conviction. However, given the difficulty getting new evidence introduced, appeals are hard-won. Chadrick S. Henderson Law can also file a petition for a modification of time based on a number of variables. This strategy can get clients released much earlier than normal.

Do you support criminal justice reform?

Yes, Chadrick S. Henderson Law understands the need to reform our current system of justice. Though it is necessary to be tough on crime, too many good and innocent Americans suffer unfair convictions. Those placed in prisons then have to serve time in often inhumane conditions. We are here to help our clients avoid such a fate, Unfortunately, not every Texan reaches out to us for help.

If you or a loved one needs competent and compassionate criminal law advice, contact Chadrick S. Henderson Law, based in Houston, TX and serving the State of Texas. We will ensure you receive the personalized service your case deserves.