Civil Law

Most people will be involved in the legal system at some point in their lives. It is more likely they will be in a civil rather than criminal suit. The civil courts handle cases that involve private harm done to another, of a non-criminal manner. The issues can be as simple as changing your name to as complex as getting an elderly parent proven incompetent.

Regardless of why you need help, we at Chadrick S. Henderson Law are here to provide personalized service. As a general practice law firm, we can ensure that each client has a lawyer experienced in that area of the law.

Civil Law

I was served with civil court papers, what next?

Most likely, the paperwork requests a response from you. We can help you draft the appropriate response to the clams. It is important that a client never get rattled and make statements to the other party without legal counsel present.

Quite often, the opposition wants to anger you. Their goal is to get you to make threats that can escalate the proceedings. We remain objective and respond in a legal, professional manner.

Do I need a lawyer for depositions?

Though depositions are part of the pre-trial discovery, they are still done under oath. Everything a client says in a deposition is binding and can be used at trial to impeach them as a witness.

Always speak to us before giving testimony before the opposition. We help ensure that the other lawyer remains within the rules of civil procedure in Texas.

I am innocent until proven guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, right?

Yes, in a criminal case. In civil court the burden of proof differs. Defendants lose if the evidence paints a picture of them as more than likely at fault. For this reason, anyone facing civil charges should contact us as soon as possible to begin preparing a defense.

Anyone involved in a private, civil law matter, should contact Chadrick S. Henderson Law, based in Houston, TX and serving the State of Texas. We are a general practice firm that keeps the best interests of each client in mind at every moment.